ControlAny Wins Ageis Graham Bell Award 2012

  • ControlAny won Ageis Graham Bell Award for Mobile Technology Breakthrough 2012. This award recognizes the path breaking concept of Control Any aimed at using futuristic technology even before it is made available to end users. Control Any competed against several market leaders such as Reliance, Infosys, Idea and Cisco to win this prestigious award. Ageis Graham Bell Award was received at New Delhi by Mr. Ram Chhawchharia.
    The Aegis Graham Bell Awards is an initiative of the Aegis School of Telecom, Data Science. This premier award promotes innovation, excellence and entrepreneurship in the fields of Telecom, Social, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud, Security and recognize outstanding contributions in these areas in India.
    Control Any aims at providing new services and solutions incorporating IoT and M2M solutions for the connected world. ControlAny, a comprehensive IoT Automation product helps unlock the potential of smart home devices to provide information-enabled, efficient, safe, eco-friendly and completely integrated intelligent solutions.
    ControlAny brings Internet of Things (IoT) to life by delivering solutions to automate the entire ecosystem. Offering a wide range of solutions and products, Control Any aspires to build smart homes and smart cities.



    • Energy Monitoring
    • Internet of Things
    • Comfort & Convenience
    • Security Automation
    • Infrastructure Automation
    • Entertainment Automation

    Products :

    • Product Hub
    • Smart Switch
    • Smart Sense
    This award stands a testament to ControlAny’s strong capability of turning ideas into innovative, secure and high-performance products and applications. Bookmark this blog to receive regular updates about Control Any.

Elena Cooper

Elena Cooper is IoT Specialist and Digital Marketing Executive at ControlAny. Well-known to the IoT ecosystem, this expert derives industry-leading automation solutions for redefined connected experience. Elena likes to be updated on innovation in IoT domain and shares her knowledge by writing on IoT automation solutions and its real world applications.

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