ControlAny Smart Hub

Smart Hub redefines comfort and convenience. It controls all IoT enabled devices locally as well as from any geographical location.

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ControlAny Smart Switch

Smart Switch gives you an option to control multiple power devices from a single channel. This compact device updates the user on real time energy data that is consumed by power devices.

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ControlAny Smart Beak

Put all the remote controls aside. Start Living Smartly and Intelligently with Smart Sense that not only senses but also operates your remote based internet of things devices.

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Protect home & family, even while you're away.

ControlAny IoT Enabled Devices

System alerts users in case of any intruder entry or emergency situations.

Seamless Connectivity

System will support seamless connectivity between different devices and different HUBs.

Location Tracking

It is possible to track the exact location of other HUBs installed nearby your HUB.

Smart Intelligence

Based on your daily activities, system programs internet of things products for optimized usage of power.

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