Benefits of Building a Smart Home

  • It’s hard to believe how far we’ve gone in terms of how technology has developed over the years. Corded landlines were the only way we could do voice calls back then, but now we have smart mobile phones with a myriad of features and computing power, more advanced than the computers that were used to fly men to the moon.


    If you’ve been following the tech trends, you will notice that going ‘smart’ is the constant theme with many of the advanced consumer devices released in the market today. They focus on making specific tasks more convenient for users through the wonders of automation. And with their connection to a single network, they can be controlled remotely, giving rise to the futuristic smart home.


    A smart home features an integrated technological system governed by an IoT solution that lets you be in control of automated tasks through smart devices regardless of where you are. The mere concept of a smart home is amazing in itself, but you’ll be blown away with all of the benefits that are in store for you if you actually live in one.

    Total Control at Your Fingertips

    Convenience is one of the biggest reasons why you would want to own and live in a smart home. All the smart devices installed in your home can be controlled remotely by a SmartHub as long as you are connected to the network. You can activate or turn them off if needed and you can be notified of their status in case you need to know.

    Reinforced Safety and Security

    A smart home is fitted with an advanced security system that includes cameras, motion sensors and an automated notification process for situations when an immediate response is needed from the police department or private security company. You can also have a key card or biometric scanner installed in place of standard locks to make it harder for crooks to break in.

    Greater Accessibility

    The elderly or disabled won’t have a tough time going about their business with greater accessibility through the voice command feature of smart homes. They will be able to control the lights, lock the doors, adjust the temperature or make calls. Automation allows people to set the desired schedule in activating smart devices to execute labor-intensive tasks on a regular basis.

    Go Green

    If you are dead set on protecting the environment, you will be able to turn your home ‘greener’ with a smart home system. You can use energy more efficiently by setting the lighting and thermostat to automatically switch off when a specific part of the house is empty. This feature will help you avoid leaving the lights or air conditioning on overnight, saving you from high electricity bills.

    Better Appliance Functionality

    A smart home can help run your appliances better through a Smart Switch: a smart TV will help you find better channels while setting optimum video and audio quality for the shows or films you watch, a smart oven will help cook your food to perfection, and a smart fridge can monitor the freshness of your produce. Ultimately, all your smart appliances that are connected to the network will improve their effectiveness through automation, making home life much easier.


    A smart home takes advantage of automation through the Internet of Things. Combined with modern building techniques, it gives homeowners a whole new level of convenience through more advanced control. It will allow them to improve the quality of life and let them focus on more important matters. And now that we have the technology, it’s time to reap the benefits and have a taste of how it is to live in the future.

Valerie Chua

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