IoT Based Infrastructure Automation

Now enjoy the infrastructure automation setting options and stay connected to your multiple premises, home, hotels and building from unified place.

Manage All Infrastructures & Control All Devices with Single Application
Home Office Hotel

Office 1635 W, Wise Road, USA

Home 5875 Street, BCDA, USA

Manage & Control Automation Devices From Anywhere

Get complete control of internet of things infrastructure, premises, home or building to be aware of happenings all around the place.

Manage & Control From Any Where

Anyone can control the HUB from anywhere; you just need to have an internet connection to enjoy break free connectivity.

Seamless Connectivity

System supports seamless connectivity between different devices and HUBs irrespective of device protocol (ZIGBEE,Z WAVE,WI-FI,BLE,IR).

Location Tracking

ControlAny location tracking allows mapping the exact Location of your HUB from anywhere to stay connected.

Smart Intelligence

System itself adapts to the operating condition and tracks the user schedule and timings to optimize the usage and power consumption.

Giving residents access to
their home from anywhere

Some Core Facts

Let us know more about infrastructure setting and HUB configuration from mobile application.

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