ControlAny IoT Home & Hotel Appliances for Comfort & Convenience

Step into a fully automated world with ControlAny products to redefine the concept of smart & intelligent living.

ControlAny for Convenience

Focused on making your lives simpler and delightful, ControlAny helps you to stay safe and live smart with internet of things home automation concept.

start of the day

Schedule or adjust brew time and setup reminders so coffee is fresh and hot early in the morning.

Don't worry
about the home

Lock all your devices, doors, windows and thermostat before leaving for your office with just a tap.

Back to
home from office

Set up a theme that fits perfectly during dark, and schedule it so that it tunes up every light in the room just perfectly for your mood and your need.

Its dinner
time with family

Make your every meal memorable and unforgettable set specific entertainment and environment for each day .

A bedroom
that can help you relax.

I made a Good Night Routine in my ControlAny app that turns off all the light and turns down the thermostat at the same time each evening.


Power Saving

Manage energy consumption of all devices and set customized scenes and schedules for comfort and energy savings.

Home Safety

Ensure the safety of your family with smart door lock and anti-theft control system that protects the house against intruders.

Insights & Analysis

System analyzes user’s routine pattern, suggests recommendations and takes appropriate control action.

Multi Users Control

Grant permission to other users for controlling your devices – with different constraints based on time and level of access.


ControlAny manages all your devices on the go, enabling users to monitor their homes-no matter where they are, thereby offering users an extreme level of comfort & convenience.

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Some Core Facts

ControlAny system infuses life into your home with a customized solution that can seamlessly work with your lifestyle.

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Control all of your smart devices on the go with the ControlAny App. This free easy-to use app lets you receive alerts, trigger actions and communicate with your home - no matter where you are.

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