ControlAny: Proud Winner of IoT Innovation Award at ICTIS-2017

  • ControlAny has evolved and grown vastly while walking on the path of innovation. In the endeavor of achieving excellence, ControlAny has been at the forefront of exploring new technological advancements. With path-breaking IoT automation solutions for corporate as well as residential purpose has redefined the way people live.
    Such dedicated efforts of ControlAny were recognized at 2nd International Conference on Information and Communication Technology for Intelligent Systems (ICTIS) held at Ahmedabad, India on 25th & 26th March, 2017. ControlAny bagged prestigious ‘IoT Innovation Award, 2017’ for being a leader of breakthrough innovations in the IoT domain.
    This event was a good opportunity to discuss and explore scope of development and real-life applications with technology experts, researchers, laureates and practitioners. The upward graph of evolution of Information and Communication technology (ICT) was the topic of discussion at the conference.
    Recognitions by leading technology institutions and laureates motivate us to keep up the good work and excel beyond it by challenging our own limits. ControlAny team strives hard to offer cutting-edge solutions that exceed client’s expectations.
    The streak for innovation is always brewing in the team where knowledge sharing and brainstorming sessions are a part of routine activities. House to experienced professionals having expertise in IoT domain, ControlAny efficiently delivers IoT smart products and solutions to experience intelligent and connected living.
    Following the path of success, we walk towards reaching new milestones and earning more recognitions and awards in the future.

Elena Cooper

Elena Cooper is IoT Specialist and Digital Marketing Executive at ControlAny. Well-known to the IoT ecosystem, this expert derives industry-leading automation solutions for redefined connected experience. Elena likes to be updated on innovation in IoT domain and shares her knowledge by writing on IoT automation solutions and its real world applications.

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