Protect Buildings & Home with Smart Security Automation System

Protect your family with ControlAny’s home security solutions to enjoy peace of mind 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

1:30 AM
Somebody tries to enter in your home Door Lock
12:30 AM
Your camera spotted a person Main Door Camera
3:30 PM
Intruder entry detected Window Sensor
7:30 AM
Water irrigation turns off automatically Sprinkler

Control Doors, Windows, Smoke, Water Leaks and Locks with ControlAny

Control your security system, locks, garage doors and thermostats or receive alerts if motion is sensed in restricted areas. With ControlAny, experience complete PEACE OF MIND.

Know when doors or windows open

Door Lock Control option provides secure access to only authenticated users.

Detect intruders or unexpected motion events

Detects motion of any Object and based on configuration either raises Alarm or executes preconfigured recipe.

Detect smoke or CO2 or Water Leaks

System detects smoke and judge quality of air. It also checks water leakage and flood.

Lock and unlock doors from anywhere

You can lock and unlock from authenticated device (mobile phone) and make the home more secured with automated security systems.

Raises a siren when intruders are detected

Automatic Intruder Alert” raises a siren upon detecting an intruder or abnormal entry at your place.

Change Home/Away Modes

You can control smart devices from anywhere. When at home use local control and when away, use cloud-based control.

Works with all your
Smart Devices

Some Core Facts

Know more about secure devices control and sensor data reading from mobile application.

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