Use Existing Wall Switches

Smart Switch for IoT devices

Use your existing wall switches with minimum wiring modifications to improve your system and make it automated.

One Smart Switch, Multiple Physical Devices
ControlAny Smart switch can operate 4 physical devices. It works like a remote Power Strip Module where you can remotely operate 4 devices via mobile and web interface.

Easy to install

Compact in design and Easy to Install & configure.

HUB require

No HUB is required to make the Mesh network.

Real Time
Energy Monitoring

Monitor functioning of your devices in real time.

Dynamic Binding &
Manual Override

Use any existing wall switches with any device dynamically.

4 Devices
Dimming Capability

Smart Switch (IoT) is capable of controlling 4 devices.


Compatible with a host of systems and devices.


Detect fault in line to save your device from getting damaged.


Child lock functionality to isolate it from children.

Remote Power Strip Module for Devices

ControlAny smart switch directly outputs for 250 devices (20 dimmer devices + 230 other devices), which are 100V to 240V AC powered. Connect your appliances directly to smart switch without purchasing any additional accessories.


Configure Smart Switch

Here’s presenting to you simple steps for configuring ControlAny Smart Switch.

Product Specification

Number of Appliances

Control 4 Appliance

(Dimmers OR On/Off Switches

Software Configurable)


BLE 4.0

Zigbee HA ( 1.2 ) / Zwave

Supported by ControlAny HUB


Electrical Specifications

Power :1 Kw

Voltage :110V - 240V

Frequency :50/60 Hz

Current : Upto 8A


BLE - Up to 100 mtrs

See All Specifications

Use Cases

ControlAny aims to provide affordable, easy to install, simple yet highly intelligent home automation system, which makes your life easier & relaxing with additional benefits like energy efficiency, security and freedom.

  • cases

    Home Automation

    Smart living at its best with home automation. ControlAny product makes your home smarter and saves power.

  • cases

    Building Automation

    Building automation is an innovative solution for automatic and single interface control for whole building.

  • cases

    Street Lighting Automation

    Street lighting automation makes public assets more secure, smarter and also helps in saving power.

  • cases

    School Automation

    Switch to smart classes (which are also secured) that use latest teaching technology to impart education.

  • cases

    Public Building & Offices Automation

    The system automates public places like hospital, bus stands and offices and along with power optimization.

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