Top IoT Trends to Watch Out For This 2018

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  • The Internet of Things, otherwise known as IoT, is one of the biggest overall trends shaping the world at present. IoT devices are having a tremendous impact on commercial security and business security in general.


    However, the effects of the Internet of Things are extending beyond security at present. Almost all industries are being affected by this mega-trend in some way. The year 2018 is only going to represent another turning point in the development of this cultural change.

    Here we will discuss some of the top IoT trends to watch out for this 2018.

    Consumer Devices Are Being Changed

    People will find that many older devices will be updated in order to make them part of the Internet of Things in a whole new way. This is significant in that people will see a lot of devices from an older generation of technology brought forward. It’s not just newer devices that are being affected by the Internet of Things. Older devices are part of the same trend. Over the next few months, people should watch Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, and Google Home change with the times.

    Many Changes Are Occurring With Healthcare & Medical Technology

    The fact that it’s easier for people to use devices to monitor their health statistics in the modern world is literally a trend that is saving lives. People can get devices that will employ sensors that will monitor a wide range of different health statistics, including blood pressure. This information can be sent to different healthcare providers, and it can also be stored in databases.


    As such, doctors treating patients will have a lot of information to draw on when they are treating the patients in the first place. This is much more efficient. Having to rely on a person’s blood pressure readings every few months or so creates knowledge gaps, and many people don’t go for checkups twice a year. Doctors sometimes don’t have any data at all to use.


    This huge Internet of Things trend is also creating a situation where different researchers care deeply about getting data from the public. This is data that they can use in their own research. Many researchers struggle to actually get the data that they need in order to make advances in the first place. They have to create and design a lot of research studies, while also struggling to get the funding that they need.


    Getting such a huge amount of data from a wide range of different sources, which is actually possible in the Information Age and with the Internet of Things, may revolutionize all of medical science.

    Maintaining Higher Security Standards Will Be Easier

    Business security has always been compromised by the fact that most security devices are only able to provide moderate snapshots of what is going on in a particular building. This is less likely to be a problem in the age of the Internet of Things. This is an era in which people will be able to really gain a great deal of data on a particular environment right away.


    Sensors can be positioned in many different areas throughout a given building in the modern world. It’s more or less possible to monitor everything that is happening with a given building as it is happening. In the age of the Internet of Things, this will only make it easier for security professionals that are trying to find a way to anticipate problems before they happen.


    In addition to the fact that it’s going to be easier for them to prevent problems, investigating problems will be very easy in the modern world. There will be so much data for forensic specialists to work with, and security teams will find it relatively simple to retrace their steps and figure out what’s happening.

    ControlAny Provides An Integrated Solution With IoT Devices

    There are several businesses in the market which aim to implement a way of smart living in new builds. One in particular is ControlAny – a company which offers home owners and residential builders a complete home automation platform. Providing a concept of smart living, ControlAny provides an integrated solution with IoT devices.


    ControlAny offers IoT solutions in several segments, including Environmental Monitoring Sensors and Smart Devices Connectivity. For instance, a combination of cloud computing and IoT technology can create a different way of managing and understanding the natural environment.


    Final Thoughts


    The Internet of Things is creating a society that has eyes and ears everywhere. The amount of data available will increase as a result. With all of the different sensors present in the general environment, people will have an easier time with keep track of what is going on around them. Medical technology, security technology, and even older existing information technology will all be altered as a result. The Internet of Things is linking all of these different devices together in a new way, promoting unity and strength.

Simon Parker

This article was written by Simon Parker. Simon Parker has over 70 years of shared experience with Minerva Security, dealing with commercial business security and fire alarm systems.

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