How to Integrate Home Security with Home Automation?

Integration of home security and home automation devices requires installing of reliable system that can synchronize all gadgets and give you control to manage it.

  • Security is always desired by individuals, especially when it comes to safety of personal belongings, family members, office, home or any other valuable asset. Considering the significance of this aspect, home automation systems have expanded their capabilities to integrate with security devices.


    ControlAny is one such company that provides a valuable platform for home owners to redefine security and experience complete safety. The team at ConrolAny has profound experience in implementing an integrated system that connects all security devices of your home including:

    • CCTV cameras
    • Burglar Alarm
    • Motion Sensors
    • Smoke Sensors
    • Door and Windows Sensor
    • Parking Sensor & Camera

    How Does Integrated Home Security Automaton System Work?

    A system installed at your home that is well synchronized with all security devices not only keeps you relaxed but also provide immense comfort and convenience. Following pointers explain the overall working of integrated home security automaton system in different scenarios:


    • Suppose a person is entering your home through main door or from back side. A camera installed at these places detects the entry of intruder. This is reported to authenticated user along with the precise time at which such suspicious activity took place.
    • If a person tries to open the main door of house, the registered user is alerted about it through door lock system.
    • In case an intruder tries to enter the home through parking gate or garage, you receive a notification informing you of such activity.
    • As soon as an unauthenticated person tries to open door or window lock, a siren is raised instantly to report the entry of stranger. This alerts an individual to take necessary action of calling for help or contacting police in such cases.
    • Authenticated user gets notification when door or window lock was opened.
    • Upon receiving signal from motion sensor, home security automaton system alerts user of some unexpected motion event happening in the surroundings of your home.
    • Smoke detector tests the quality of air and reports user in case of high CO2 levels.
    • In the similar manner, home owner or registered user is made aware of water leakage that is detected by water level sensor.
    • Home security automaton system provides the convenience to lock/unlock door with remote access through mobile phones.
    • Set the mode as ‘At Home’ or ‘Away’ in Home security automaton system as per your current location. When at home, it enables local controls while when away, it gives you cloud-based remote control.

    Important Factors to Consider While Choosing Home Security Automaton System

    It is vital to know that the security automaton system you are planning to install is compatible with the devices you have at home. You obviously would not like to make unnecessary expense on buying devices of brands that are supported by the system. So it is better to get clarification on whether your devices will be integrated with the home security automation system or not.


    Contact a reliable and reputed home security automaton system installer to get your home secured today.

Elena Cooper

Elena Cooper is IoT Specialist and Digital Marketing Executive at ControlAny. Well-known to the IoT ecosystem, this expert derives industry-leading automation solutions for redefined connected experience. Elena likes to be updated on innovation in IoT domain and shares her knowledge by writing on IoT automation solutions and its real world applications.

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