Exploring Trends in the World of Internet of Things (IoT)

Dynamically changing technology world demands rapid adoption of current trends to build a powerful ecosystem of Internet of Things.

  • Internet of things theory is expanding at an unprecedented pace. Innovation has entered the world of IoT where technology experts are exploring new ways to enhance the utility of this concept. Advancements in technology result in new trends that are adapted by businesses to stay at the forefront of innovation.

    The internet of things ecosystem consists of an array of sensors and smart devices that communicate with each other seamlessly over the cloud. Let’s know about the latest IoT trends that are shaping the future of technology:

    IoT in Integration with Blockchain

    Blockchain technology is now entering the IoT ecosystem to take this concept to a new level. It is more than a mere buzzword now. Blockchain is the only prevailing solution to cope up with security, scalability and reliability issues in Internet of Things (IoT).

    This trending technology takes the responsibility for facilitating secure online transactions. Blockchain is kind of decentralized and diversified ledger keeping a track record of all the transactions carried out over the internet. Such decentralized approach eliminates chances of entire system failure in case one or more devices are malfunctioning.

    Using Blockchain technology in IoT ecosystem enables in tracking of all connected devices. It also accounts for efficient and seamless communication, which indirectly helps in power and cost savings. In short, the combination of Blockchain and IoT will open the doors for enhanced security and privacy.

    IoT Data Analyzed by Machine Learning

    While there are multiple smart devices connected to each other in an integrated internet of things system, a large amount of data is gathered. Machine learning technology enables analysis and processing of data for recognized patterns.

    This means that you need not rly completely on transferring bulk data to the main network for triggering required action. With the integration of machine learning with IoT data, users can expect immediate and faster response.

    Rise of Security Related Concerns

    Internet of things theory is easily accepted by audience considering immense comfort and convenience offered by IoT automation system. The only concern bothering people using these IoT powered system is security of data and its privacy.

    People are now skeptical about how safe will their personal data be if they would be using IoT automated systems for commercial or residential systems. IoT experts are now coming up with effective solutions to deal with concerns related to security of data transmitted over the internet.

    Handling heterogeneous network of connected devices and looking into its security is now possible with integration of IoT with Big Data, Machine Learning and Blockchain. These integrations ensure security of IoT system from hacking of one or multiple devices in the network.

    IoT automation solutions providers are addressing these security related issues against breaches. Technology is the key to unlock the potential of business. Being at par with latest trends in IoT ensures your system is up-to-date and completely ready to accelerate your business operations.

Elena Cooper

Elena Cooper is IoT Specialist and Digital Marketing Executive at ControlAny. Well-known to the IoT ecosystem, this expert derives industry-leading automation solutions for redefined connected experience. Elena likes to be updated on innovation in IoT domain and shares her knowledge by writing on IoT automation solutions and its real world applications.

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