ControlAny team knows how concerned you are about sharing personal information. We, at ControlAny, understand the sensitivity of keeping your privacy information secured. This section specifies what kind of information we collect via our IoT based automation product, service offerings, website, why we gather such data, where do we use it, where is it placed and how can you deny from allowing us to access such information.

Using our product or service in any time or manner implies that you completely agree to our privacy policy and terms of use. This way, you also give us a clear consent to access user’s personal information as and when required.

Information Collection & Sharing

ControlAny is liable to collect your personal data when you are using the product, service, accessing or browsing the website. The information thus collected may be shared with affiliates or even subsidiaries as and when required.

Data Provided by You

ControlAny stores all types of information collected from you through registration procedure, survey form, subscriptions and similar other activities. In case you share any third-party credential with us for whatsoever purpose, example Facebook or other social media websites, you should know that this content may be copied into your ControlAny account, only if you authorize such operations.

The product-related details you share with us such as product purchase date, model number, serial number or any other product-specific information is stored by us in our database to serve you in a better way.

However, in any case, we do not ask for any sensitive information related to your religion, heath or political choice. Such information is in no way connected to the utility of ControlAny product.

How Do We Gather Information?

ControlAny holds every right to collect information while you pay a visit to website. Cookies, beacons, cached web links and automated tools are usually used for gathering visitor’s data. Such data enables you to improvise your browsing experience and offer more customized view as per your preferences and interests.

Third party websites that are accessible from our website by any means such as click-through, links or banner may use Cookies. This is to inform you that we have no specific access or control over such Cookies. Thus we are not liable to take any responsibility with regards to them.

How We Track Your Visits To Our Website (Cookies)?

We use cookie to compile information and present it to you faster when you visit the website again. Further, we also know which part of website have users’ visited with the help of ‘tiny graphics’ that give a snapshot of the same.

In case you are filing up form on website and submitting details such as name or email address, our cookies will store this information too for you to avoid entering such details every now and then. Our websites are backed by analytical tools that give us detailed information on user’s session with the website, section-wise and time-wise.

Why We Need User Information?

Here in this privacy policy we specify to you why we collect user information:

  • To personalize your experience of connected living.
  • For understanding your daily schedule (routine)
  • To be able for us to contact you for fulfilling your requests or complains
  • To improve our products and services as per user’s convenience and behavior
  • For running surveys or promotional contests

Third Party Websites

ControlAny website may contain direct links to other websites. This is to inform you that ControlAny is not responsible for the privacy rules followed by these websites. You should be aware of the rules of those websites while you agree to give us access to your personal information.

Thus we are not responsible for any additions or omissions done in the privacy policies of these third-party websites.

Your Personal Information Is Safe With US

All your private and personal information is safe in ControlAny’s high-tech and dedicated servers. Our technical team is alert to protect all this information against loss, alteration, unauthorized access, theft or misuse.

We have strong algorithms in place that encrypt the data you provide us to ensure against leaking the details to any third party. In situations of breach of security measures, ControlAny team will take appropriate action as per the legal standards. However, we do not take responsibility of user’s information in cases of server hack or internet frauds.

When is your Personal Information Disclosed?

We disclose your personal information only to our registered agents, affiliates and subsidiaries that are a part of ControlAny. This information is also shared to people who are a part of customer service team or those dealing with fulfilling the delivery of product to your doorstep.

In case of acquisition, there may be transfer of database which contains users’ information to hand it over to the new control head. Similar may be case in situations of merger, restructuring or reorganization.

ControlAny may also disclose your information if required by the terms of law, or by strong faith that requires taking such action as per following situations:

  • To abide by law and legal practice
  • Protect legal rights
  • Protect against misuse or unauthorized use
  • For the purpose of Internal or even Legal Audits

However, in any case, ControlAny does not sell or rent your personal information to anyone for their benefit.

You Have an Option to Opt Out

ControlAny gives you an option to opt out if you disagree to abide by our set of privacy rules and policy. You have the choice to disagree to our usage of your personal data. You may simply select to opt out of sharing such information or stop receiving future e-mails from ControlAny by informing us about the same.

Amendments to Privacy Policy

We constantly endeavor to improve our services, website and products. In this attempt, ControlAny holds every right to make changes to its Privacy Policy from time-to-time. We are not liable to inform you about the changes made to Privacy Policy or Terms of Use. However, whether you purchased product previously or recently, in any case, you are committed to our latest privacy policy by default.

We ensure that the level of protection for your personal information collected by us will not deteriorate under any changes made to the privacy policy.

Have Question Regarding Our Privacy Policy?

In case of any query regarding the protection of user data or personal information, feel free to contact us through email at

Thank you