Unlock The Future Of Smart Living with IoT Automation Solutions

ControlAny has begun to unlock the potential of fully digitized smart home devices to derive information-enabled, efficient, safe, eco-friendly and completely integrated intelligent solution.

ControlAny brings Internet of Things (IoT) to life for Smart Living by delivering more efficient and cost effective solutions, thereby creating safe environment to automate the entire ecosystem.

Energy Monitoring

Utilize power wisely with real-time energy monitoring. ControlAny shows you how much energy you use every day, every month, during weekends, weekdays from Energy Reports. Knowing in well advance about projected consumption & bills helps you to save Energy.

Internet of Things

All the devices are connected to a central system in the Internet of Things ecosystem to make it easier for user to communicate with them from anywhere and at any time.

Comfort Convenience

ControlAny values your comfort and convenience at the utmost level. It enables users to manage every device and give commands through unified and simplified app.

Security Automation

ControlAny offers secured smart home systems solutions with a comprehensive approach to protect the integrity and availability of your complex automation solutions.

Infrastructure Automation

Internet of Things offers unique opportunities for enterprises to connect people, processes and systems to build better connected infrastructure.

Entertainment Automation

ControlAny technology allows you to effortlessly control all the devices remotely, from any location, which are capable of receiving IR signals such as your Blu-Ray players, set top boxes, TV, DVD players and more.

Smart Street Light

Control Any’s Smart and intelligent light solutions can increase lighting efficiencies, improve traffic management, and improve visibility on the road, ultimately serving citizens, minimizing energy use and carbon emissions.

Smart Lighting Solutions

Whether looking to control lights, create ambiance, enhance safety or more, ControlAny offers perfect smart lighting solutions that can be controlled using apps just with a simple tap on the screen. ControlAny offers smart light solutions with easy switch on and off features, as well as manual controls for adjustments.

Make Your Home More Comfortable

Experience Connected Living

Leverage our solutions to help you create the smart living of your dreams. Whether it is thermostats, voice commands, motion sensors, fire alarms, light sensors, energy monitoring or user profiling, ControlAny helps you stay connected to your home or office from anywhere using IoT platform.


Meet ControlAny Application


Now operate projector from your smartphone, give presentation & watch movie.

Air Conditioner

You can operate any air conditioner with your smartphone.

Color HUE

You can change color, scene, brightness, execute recipe of your HUE.

Lamp Bulb

You can operate any room bulb/power device On-Off with simple touch.


Now no need to regulate the fan speed from manual switch board regulator. Do it from smart app.

Audio System

Play Music anytime and anywhere from your mobile application.

Window Sensor

Now get 24X7 secure, get Alarm raise on intruder entry from window sensor.

TV Remotes

No need to have multiple remotes for TV, Set Top box, audio system, control everything from single interface.

Light Dimmer

Now change the luminosity of dimmer according to your usage by the smart App.

Door Lock

Forget the keys, get more secured with smart locks and smart access app.


You can control SONOS music system & listen to your favorite song of your mobile list.


You can search TV shows, based on rating, comedy, drama.

Plays Well with Other Brands

Configure & communicate with a range of products, regardless of their wireless protocols and manufacturers. Easily monitor and control all devices from an app with ControlAny.

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